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Client Response

The design of our products has become more than simply a reflection of our brand—it is a foundation for storytelling. A vehicle for connecting the essence of an idea with the lives of the people we engage with. It is a tool to establish relevance and express possibilities with poetic sensibility. An interesting thought is that perhaps even more important than providing recognition of our company, is its role in elevating the ideas that we believe in.

John Hetrick: Creative Director, Wellness & Prevention


Wellness & Prevention, a Johnson & Johnson company, provides health and performance solutions to global employers and insurance providers.

Thesis was hired after the acquisition of HealthMedia and the Human Performance Institute to develop a brand strategy, redesign the brandmark, apply the solution across a range of applications, design graphic standards, interpret the solution for the annual event called Ignite 365, and create templates for customer implementation.

Screen-based Digital Health Coaching is one of the product modules designed to share W&P’s scientific and behavioral health expertise. Thesis worked with the internal team to develop the interface, direct the image and video content, and create promotional campaigns that inspire customers to make decisions that improve their health.

Additional References

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Video & Photography

Morgan Anderson

storyboard artist

Lin Nelson