Chamberlain Group

Fostering Design Conversation

Client Response

The Thesis team has provided a perfect venue for the introduction of our best design ideas— a space that fosters conversation and leaves visitors with a new perspective of our organization and brands.

Brent Freese: Vice President, Advanced Development & Design,
The Chamberlain Group


The Chamberlain Group designs and manufacturers products through a variety of retail brands, including Chamberlain and LiftMaster. Although the organization has traditionally been known for residential garage door openers and commercial gates—the company has adopted a progressive approach to technology—designing products that enable homeowners to control accessibility from long distances through personal devices like their mobile phone. To present these new design opportunities, the company decided to create a corporate environment that could clearly communicate the organization’s brand position; a space that reflects the company’s transition from a garage door opener manufacturer to an organization that enables consumers to activate their real estate.

Custom rooms (presentation pods) were designed demonstrate and showcase a variety of products—including garage door openers and gates. To keep the space from being compartmentalized—the pods were made from translucent material and the graphic applications help to delineate spaces without completely blocking natural light and views. A flexible, modular history timeline was created to present the company’s long heritage, and a long curved wall uses embedded plasma displays and subtle typography to convey brand messages from partners located throughout the globe.


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