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HealthIs-1 Rethinking Health
0926_Thumbnail Herman Miller Summer Sale
00_Thumb-alt Chez Marcita Identity & Website
THSS1212_00 2013 New Year’s Greeting
WEPR1101_00 Wellness & Prevention Identity
HRML1107-thumb2 Talent & Recruiting Communication System
WEPR1201-thumb Ignite 365 Binder
CRDO1208_Thumbnail Credo Capabilities
HRML1114-thumb Product Adjustment Information
0613_SKYD-Blink_Thumb Blink Introduction
SKYD1112_Thumbnail Skyline Design Product Presentation
HRML1101-thumb Product Packaging Program
KSTD-thumb K Studio Catalog
IAMC1202_00 I Am Cam
CRDO1201_Thumbnail Credo Identity
WEPR1201-thumb Ignite365 Event
CRDO1213_Thumbnail Credo Invitations
0613_UNON-Poster_Thumb Prospective Student Posters
JNJN1102_Thumbnail_Med-1 Marketing Excellence Identity
HRML1209-thumb Capabilities Brochure for the Government
0613_SKYD-Binder_Thumb Skyline Design A&D Binder and Folder
AmendThumbnail Amend. Healthcare for Everyone.
CRDO1203_00 Credo Website & Social Media
CampusVisit-Thumbnail Campus Visit
1017_MAMA-thumbnail MAMA Identity
THSS_Essay-MyFavoriteThings By Mark Cook
0613_SKYD-Ad_Thumb Advertising to Artful Architects and Designers
HRML_SAYL SAYL Chairs Launch Kit
0613_UNON-PA_Thumb Physician Assistant Studies
THSS1109_00 2012 New Year’s Greeting
THSS_Grant Thesis Grant
0613_UNON-Folder_Thumb Enrollment Forms
UNON_Search Union College Search Piece
0613_HRML-EducationBrochure_Thumb Education Brochure
SKYD_KidsGlass Kids Glass by Thesis, for Skyline Design
ANDU_BrandArchitecture Andrews University Brand Architecture & Standards
thumbnail Design Discussions
HRML_DesignRetreat Design Retreat
JNJN_Lubriderm Lubriderm Iconography
HRML_Binder Herman Miller A&D Product Specification Binder
IPND_IntroPiece Innovation Park at Notre Dame
HRML_BottomsUp Bottoms Up A&D Event
UCMP_Brochure UltraCamp
HRML_Advo Advo Chairs Global Product Launch
THSS_Wallpaper-BestOne_Alt Wallpaper: The Best One
HRML_HolidayGreeting-2009 A+D Holiday Greeting
THSS_Essay-ICantDraw By Greg Anderson
ANDU_AndrewsStudyBible Andrews Study Bible
SKYD_Website Skyline Design Website
WHRL_KA-Iconography KitchenAid Iconography
HRML_Sense Sense Desking North American Launch Kit
UNON_Letterhead Union College Letterhead
THSS_Wallpaper-SunshineSummertime_Alt Wallpaper: Sunshine is for Summertime
HRML_Teneo Teneo Filing & Storage Concept Brochure
WISH_StopMotion Wishful Thinking Identity
THSS_Essay-PassTheLibrary By Mark Cook
ANDU_AUmark Andrews University Identity
THSS_DesignSummerTypeface Design Summer Typeface
HRML_UrbanPicnic Urban Picnic A&D Event
THSS_EamesFilmScreening Inter-Disciplinary Design Event and Film Screening
HRML_Amenities Designer Amenities
THSS_NewYear-2011 2011 New Year’s Greeting
SKYD_GreenplayWebsite Greenplay Website
HBDS_Website Hibler Design Studio Website
HRML_BeautyOfBeingOrganized Beauty of Being Organized
HRML_SolutionEssays Solution Essays, Research Summaries, and Case Studies
HRML_EmbodyLaunchKit Embody Chair Launch Kit
THSS_Essay-UniDisciplenaryDesigner By Brian Edlefson
WHRL_KA-90th KitchenAid Standmixer 90th Anniversary Mark
THSS_Wallpaper-DesignSummer Wallpaper: Design Summer
HBDS_Identity Hibler Design Studio Identity
THSS_PlantronicsSketchbook Plantronics Promotional Sketch Book
HRML_Merridian-Tu-FilingAndStorage Herman Miller Filing & Storage Product Launch
THSS_Essay-ThisMightBeATest By Greg Anderson
SKYD_GreenplayCutsheets Greenplay Cutsheets
KDSC_MotorolaIconography Concept Iconography for Motorola
ANDU_Calendar Andrews University Academic Calendar
HRML_DesignSummer Design Summer Student Program
THSS_Wallpaper-Crayons_Alt Wallpaper: Coloring Bags
WISH_Website Wishful Thinking Website
KDSC_EnsembleIdentity Vitamin Brandmark Concepts
JODY_RudolphMisfitFriends Rudolph & Misfit Friends
HRML_Brand-Guidelines Herman Miller Brand Guidelines
SKYD_SkylineIdentity Skyline Design Identity
THSS_NewYear-2009 2009 New Year’s Greeting
CRBT_FilmTitle Christopher Barrett Film Titles
THSS_NewYear-2010 2010 New Year’s Greeting
THSS_Wallpaper-Whiteout Wallpaper: Whiteout
YALE_ArtsLibraryWebsite Yale Arts Library Website
WHRL_KA-7SegmentTypeface KitchenAid Seven-Segment Typeface
smart design is beautiful design

Thesis collaborates with clients who design the places—or products used in the places—where people spend their lives. We solve problems through the thoughtful, artful integration of graphic design fueled by careful consideration & curiosity.

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